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Outsourced Logistics

Over the past few years, many companies have concluded that logistics – the process of getting the right products to the right place at the right time in the right condition – is not a core competency. This has led an increasing number of businesses to turn to On-Target Supplies & Logistics as their outsourced logistics provider. Our logistical services help businesses improve cycle time, streamline operations and reduce costs.

  • On-Target employees at Oncor repair and distribute transformers throughout the state of Texas and also provide industrial waste management services. Our employees are strategically positioned at Oncor’s SES facility in Lancaster and other service centers throughout the North Texas region.
  • On-Target employees at Texas Instruments provide inventory management services for all TI stockrooms in Dallas, Houston, and Tucson. We also manage the operation of 13 TI dock facilities in North Texas, handling both domestic and international shipments, and were able to reduce the time between intra-campus requests and deliveries from 21 days to 21 minutes.

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